The school and staff work closely with the parents to train the whole child. Our goal is to assist the parents in the education of their children, not to replace them.


The Rock School is a K5 - 12th grade level church school that is established by the Word of God, is guided by the direction of Holy Spirit and is based on three concepts:


  • Self-paced & individually designed study 

  • Scripture based & Holy Spirit led curriculum

  • Personal accountability & parental involvement and interaction


The goal of The Rock School is to train every youth in the highest principles of moral character, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and good citizenship. Our school stands without apology for high standards of morality and wisdom.

"The Rock School is an extension of the home in training young people."




The Rock School is a ministry of The Rock Church. The school was founded in 1994 after a young child was labeled by another school as having a learning disability.  He was told that he would never read well and would struggle all his academic life.  Unwilling to accept this “diagnosis”, the school was established as a place to identify and encourage alternate learning styles and to employ the necessary methods for each of our students as the need is identified.  Since 1994, we have had many graduates including that particular young man who is now head of research and development in a startup technology company.  Many of our graduates have been admitted to higher academic institutions such as University of South Alabama, Spring Hill College, Regent University, University of Mobile, and Faulkner State University. We know our students can go anywhere from here.




Each child is as unique and individual as each snowflake that falls in winter. They each represent a unique and different expression of God.  We believe that God has a plan for success and purpose for each and every one of them.  As a school, we have the opportunity to identify those strengths in our students and guide them accordingly along an individual academic path. A path that enables them to realize a success to which they are destined. We are determined to utilize every tool, both academic and spiritual, that God directs us to use in the education of our children. We pray in the Holy Spirit during class times over our studies and over each other. The Word and Spirit of God are an integral part of both the written and spoken curriculum, the lives of the students, and the lives of the staff.