The Rock School has been a sure Word of The Lord to me.  We've never questioned that Word even in tough times.  It has and continues to be a joy of fulfillment to us who believe. The Rock school is designed to assist the family unit in preparing God's Word to come to pass in our children.  Our school is kind of like a large home school of which we are proud of. We have never tried to have a large school but a school that takes care of the gifts Yahweh has given us.  

My wife and I have put all four of our children through our school, and now our grandchildren are attending.  Our desire is that our great grandchildren will also attend our school.  We believe God is jealous of how we lead His children, and I can say with all of my heart that we are giving them the best for their lives in Him.   

If our school is meant to be your school too, come and join with us as we celebrate the wonders of His glory of these our children.

Aaron Smith,

Senior Minister